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This website is for everyone who is interested in the history of the United States Air Forces in Europe, its units and aircraft serials.
All data that I collected in the past 30 years is put into a database. This database can be searched through on serial number, aircraft type, unit or squadron.
The info on this website came from various sources like microfilms with unit histories and aircraft record cards, from the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, from various magazine, books and websites.
If you find any info that is not correct, or have any addition to the database please email me at henk.scharringa@gmail.com. In many cases I do have pictures of the aircraft. If any missing pictures are in your collection, please feel free to mail me a digital scan of it with the proper credit, where known, and I add it to the website. Many pictures on this website were collected throughout the years, and in many cases not known who took the picture. If you want to use any picture that is not credited, credit it to Collection: G.H.J. Scharringa.
If anyone feels that the picture presented is his, let me know and I will after some proof properly credit the picture.

This website will be updated regularly with unit and squadron histories, serial numbers, crash reports and photographs.
I recently added Missing Air Crew Reports of WW II into the database. That are available on the net at fold3.com. Only the firts page is included, if you are interested in the complete record check on Fold3.com they have a large collection of military records from all areas.
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